Last night I forced Polish Hubby to leave our neighbourhood (Earlwood) because I’ve been having diarrhea after eating only Asian food for 13 days. This time it was going to be Italian or Italian. Goths

Especially as I was celebrating getting a job in Sydney in just 13 days (and shitting most of the time while at it!).

So we got the 423 bus and got off at Newtown, which you can compare to London’s Camden Town: it’s vibrant, arty and a bit sleazy.

Plus it’s a great spot to take pictures of landing planes as it’s close to the airport.

Jews”Are they Jewish or Goths?” I asked Polish Hubby seeing thousands of black silhouettes getting busy in King Street, the main road.

”Mmm…” he said pointing at the billboard with Marilyn Manson on.

Goths it was.

We went to the off licence to buy our wine for the restaurant (our first BYO experience) and I got drunk imagining how would a Goth Jew look like …

Is this a niche? A business opportunity perhaps. Sure I see potential – or at least I did last night 😀


Once home, I found this on Yahoo Answers:

Question: Can I be a Gothic Jew?

hi so i wanna be a goth cuz i really like the fashion and lifestyle and everything and i have some gothic friendss so they can help me i guess but im jewish sooo like do i have to be a satanist to be goth?

Best Answer: 
           you can be what you want as long as you do not frighten the horses.

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